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A Digital Storyteller & Content Advisor

The son of two photographers, Dave’s childhood was spent creating stop motion films with old dv cameras. His work began with epic action figures adventures around his home and later evolved into documenting skate culture in NYC. In High School, his work was simply to capture summer road trips with his friends. And now? At 27? Dave is a professional content creator with nearly 15 years in the business. His experience is vast with plenty of mistakes, learnings, and even a few victories.


Today, his drive to grow as a director, cinematographer, editor, and storyteller is stronger than ever. His mission on earth is to create content that encourages more curiosity about the world, ourselves, others, and ways we can work towards meaningful solutions to today's challenges.

Perhaps ironically, his biggest dream is to leave Earth and film in space. On earth, his career goal is to screen a film at Sundance.

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As an entrepreneur, he is Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Genmotion ( ), a modern content studio that partners with thoughtful brands to share authentic stories from around the world.

His work has been seen on BuzzFeed, VICE, The TODAY show, NowThis, CNBC, Mic., HypeBeast, Complex, The Toronto Post, and numerous other national and international news outlets. Notable event coverage includes the World Science Festival, MakerFaire, Berklee's Master Class and the GLAAD Awards.